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TRON: Crypto-Dogs starts at 22.01.; BitConnect ICO stopped

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Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, has announced a few hours ago that the game Crypto-Dogs will start at 22.01.2018. Meanwhile, Bitconnect has once again problems with the legislature, this time in the United States, and had to cancel his BitconnectX ICO.

A few days ago it was announced that TRON will enter into a cooperation with the blockchain-based Gaming platform . Now, a few days later, it was announced the official Start of the first game Crypto-Dogs. 22. January is supposed to be Crypto-Dogs in English and Korean Version. The use of the game will be exclusively for TRX-Token owner.

After the course of TRON exploded in the first week of January to formally and 0.21 Euro per Token has reached, he had to give in in the last few days significantly. Currently the rate is about 0.14 Euro per TRX. The Start of Crypto-Dogs could initiate from our point of view, however, the u-turn. China is known for “such” games are very well accepted. In this respect, could erupt from our point of view, in China, soon to be a big crypto-dogs-fever-and-the-TRON-rates strongly upwards.

The Texas State Securities Board stops BitconnectX Token-Sale

As a press release, the American regulatory authority, the Texas State Securities Board (TSSB), was ordered to the company behind BitConnect to cancel his for the 10.01.2018 scheduled Token-sale.

Bitconnect long under the suspicion of operating a Ponzi scheme. A few weeks ago, it was already known that British authorities investigating the company. Now, the TSSB has arranged to cancel the 10.01.2018 planned Token sale of BitconnectX. The reason is that it is according to the TSSB in the ICO of BitconnectX to a non-registered sale of securities.

According to the website of the regulatory authority BitConnect claimed to be able to with the new Token, an annual return of 100 percent. In addition, BitConnect was looking for Recruiters to apply to the new Token. These “candidates” are classified by the TSSB, but as agents, and the need, according to American law, a permit for the application of securities.

BitConnects existing Token, BCC, is currently around 308 Euro and had to contend with in the last 7 days, a decline of around 10 percent.

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