Tim and Cherish diving together in the video

fcac18f443b664e0cf1ac90f0d9be6ab - Tim and Cherish diving together in the video

Tim Wauters, who is known for his participation in the program Temptation Island, said recently in Goedele Liekens’ her program never Cherish to have seen it. Apparently knocked that information is not, because Sunday he dived suddenly, together with the temptress in a live video on the Instagramaccount of the participant, Kevin.

“Everyone asks for weeks to me: ‘where is Cherish?’, firstly, ’fuck you all’ and look, here is Cherish!” says Tim, and he then kisses to the blonde. “Temptation is a program, snap, that just all people,” he continues.

The appearance of Cherish is slightly remarkable, because last week Tim said still in Goedele On Top of the woman during the Temptation Island, “the love of his life,” was, that he her after the program was never seen again.

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