Take Roel Vanderstukken risks?

c371767f45ec0725568d111424f3ece4 - Take Roel Vanderstukken risks?

Half a year after his major heart surgery turns Roel Vanderstukken yet another higher gear by taking part in the new program “2 Star Restaurant”. Take Roel Vanderstukken no risks with this new command? Not according to the Family-actor himself.

Roel Vanderstukken is getting into the new adventure with Family-colleague Kürt Rogiers. Together with wife Anne-Sophie, a case of running “that would be bad for my heart,” says Roel Vanderstukken in the Story. Roel tells the story of how he and his wife, things totally different to manage. Even in their daily life, he must tame in order not to moeien. Together a own case, running would be detrimental to their marriage. And for his heart…

Half a year after he was rushed to the heart had to be operated is Roel Vanderstukken again at cruising speed. Does not take too much hay on the fork? Roel Vanderstukken tells in the Story that he’s much faster no can say than in the past. For a 2 Star Restaurant he can become engaged because the pictures are only two times one week. And also his lifestyle he has adapted. Where his character Benny in the Family lives of chinese takeaway and frituursnacks has Roel himself, his lifestyle must adapt. Eat healthier, but also much more sports.

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