Suspects December murders want acquittal

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PARAMARIBO – In the criminal trial about the December murders has lawyer Irwin Kanhai Monday for three suspects acquittal prompted. According to him, there is insufficient evidence that Stephen Dendoe, Ernst Gefferie and Iwan Dijksteel in december 1982, was closely involved in the murder of fifteen prominent Surinamese. The Public Prosecutor demanded at the end of last year, twenty years ‘ imprisonment against the three.

Irvin Kanhai

Kanhai asked the court martial, the ORDER to dismiss because the Surinamese parliament in 2012, an amnesty law has been adopted. This law had as its purpose the criminal proceedings to stop so that all of the suspects freely. The court martial has this law, however, declared invalid.

’Dendoe not there at all’

The counsel argued further that defendant Dendoe at all was not present during the night of 8 december 1982, when the murders at fort Zeelandia were committed. As regards Severity Gefferie and Iwan Dijksteel said Kanhai that they later victims home had raised, but were not involved in the shooting of these people.

In the case of the main suspect Desi Bouterse, the current president of Suriname, held Kanhai, January 29, the same plea. For him also demanded Kanhai then acquittal.

Wipe out the pan

Just like during the defense of Bouterse, the Dutch got also this time, wipe out the pan of Kanhai. According to him, it was obvious that the Netherlands, together with the later victims of a coup prepared for the military authority, under the leadership of Bouterse. In reaction to this, had Bouterse the coupvoorbereiders and later victims to get hold of.

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