South Korea removes speakers in border

12fe51dab117fe3996487b6f2db42ae9 - South Korea removes speakers in border

SEOUL – The South Korean army is the propagandaluidsprekers to the border with North Korea is now completely removed. The work go Tuesday, of start, message, state news agency Yonhap.

Seoul had the speakers all turned off in the run-up to the summit meeting between president Moon Jae-in and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The men spoke, according to Yonhap, among other things, the “hostile acts against each other” cease. Therefore, dismantles the South, now the sound system.

The ministry of Defence would not say how many speakers are set up on the border. South Korea used the devices before the critical messages to be transmitted over the North Korean political system. It was also the ’K-pop’, South-Korean pop music, is transmitted via the installation.

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