Sophie Hilbrand victim of hacker

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Sophie Hilbrand is the victim of a 35-year-old hacker who is next Wednesday for his deeds, must justify before the courts.

Sophie Hilbrand

According to the presenter, he has phone numbers, has collected from her contacts list, and he went that people then make a call. “He sent messages from my name to all kinds of people and collected a lot of phone numbers of friends and acquaintances that he was going to call. He did I believe prevent I are alone in a hotel room was, or so”, says Sophie.

“But I’m not blackmailed or threatened or something like that. Really serious was the in this respect, but very annoying. And I feel, of course, be responsible to all the people that he is troubled and from whom he contacts.”

The man, Matthieu M., would more CELEBRITIES have been harassed in this way. The case is separate from the Yet former VVD member, Mitchell van der K, which is also computers hacked of CELEBRITIES. He has published more nude photos of vlogster Laura Ponticorvo.

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