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Siacoin: First of all, not a Soft Fork to Bitmain A3 Miner exclude

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As we already reported last week, Bitmain very surprisingly, without the knowledge of the Sia Tech. and the community of developers, a new ASIC Miner for Siacoin published. As a result, has broken out in the last week a large discussion within the Sia community, whether there should be a Soft Fork to Bitmain “exclude”. Yesterday has now been released from Sia-Tech an official communication, in which a Soft Fork (at first) is rejected.

The release of the Antminer A3 was controversial because of Nebulous Inc., the company has developed behind Sia, a own ASIC Miner in cooperation with the Obelisk. Since the delivery should be made only in June of this year, and Bitmain was able to deliver his Antminer A3 now, felt many of the SC1 buyer cheated. But also Sia Tech, and the developers community itself, spoke of a disruptive and intransparent behaviour from Bitmain that the Sia network.

For further Details of the position we want to refer to the article in the last week.

The events of the last days in the Sia community

Since the release of the Antminer A3 by Bitmain much has happened and has been discussed in the Sia community hot.

In the meantime, another Mining Hardware manufacturer, has announced a Siacoin Miner. Halong Mining has announced the dragon mint B52 Miner. A release date has not been announced yet.

In addition, an open letter was published on the Nebulous, compiled by many members of the Sia community, which require a Soft-Fork. In this, inter alia, the questionable business practices of Bitmain and the reasons worthy that there should be a Soft Fork, fully described and enumerated.

The letter is signed also by numerous well-known figures from the world of crypto-world, u. a. Ricardo Spagni aka fluffy pony (the Monero Core Contributor), the Bitmains behavior considered to be inappropriate and disruptive. If you like, you can vote in an Online Petition for a Soft-Fork. Nebulous has announced daraufaufhin an official response to the letter, in order to create clarity about the current Situation.

The answer of Nebulous don’t have to wait long, and now appeared yesterday evening. In this write, Zach Herbert, Vice President of Operations of Sia, that it is due to the behavior of Bitmain quite worried. Look at Bitmain as a “bad actor” within the crypto-community.

The non-concerted release of the Antminer A3 to classify as an attack on the own Obelisk SC1 Miner and the Sia network. Although Sia Tech would be able to publish a new Version of Sia, which could exclude the A3s via a Soft-Fork, not going to implement this (at first).

As long as Bitmain does not take a targeted attack on the Sia network, Siacoin forked, even though Bitmain is a serious threat for the Sia network. This would be, according to Herbert, is an expression of centralization and monopolization of Siacoin.

An attack on the part of Bitmain should be done, is a Fork still an Option. If Bitmain attacked the Sia network is open or active against important Software Updates defends, is a Soft-Fork, according to Herbert, is possible at any time.

In order to prevent a centralization of the Mining Pool from Bitmain, calls Sia in addition, all the A3 Miner to “friendly” Pools, such as Luxor and SiaMining.

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