Shopping Queens get small budget

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From Tuesday 1 may take fashionistas Emilie (26), Aariana (21), Laura (23) and Tina (31) against each other in a new week of Shopping Queens. Jani has for this shopping addicted the ideal assignment: score a look that is based on a high fashion brand and, if possible, make it iconic! Chanel & Gucci fall unfortunately outside the budget of 300 euros, but maybe succeed our shoppers to create a look-a-like outfit to do? Jani is in each case front row to let yourself be surprised.

Shopping Queens – Every Tuesday.e.m. Friday to 20u35 at FIVE.

Tuesday 1 may
EMILIE: Emilie (26) from Heist-op-Den-Berg working in a perfumery, a job that literally on her body is written. “I am a fool of perfume, there is even a bottle on my arm, tattooed.” Emilie has no clue of what high fashion is concerned. Curious to see if this grave chick can save the day in the city shopping.

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