Seedorf has advice for Zidane

5e7fb69964fec908ea04e926dddcf34b - Seedorf has advice for Zidane

Clarence Seedorf stated last Sunday after the defeat against FC Barcelona, that he thinks Real Madrid to do to Sunday for the kick-off for El Clásico a between to form for the Catalans, who by the victory at Deportivo to the title in the wait dragged.

Clarence Seedorf believes that Real Sunday between the need for the players of brand new champion FC Barcelona.

“I am a Madridista, but a between is a form of respect. It is a beautiful and strong gesture. It teaches kids an important lesson about football”, said the coach of Deportivo, up to and including Sunday unsuccessfully fought against relegation.

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane stated previously that he does not intend for its players a between form. The Frenchman believes that is not necessary since FC Barcelona, which this year also did not when The Royal the world championship for club teams had won.

The Barça defender Jordi Alba thinks in conversation with the Spanish newspaper Marca the his of. “It is not for us, but everyone has respect for the one who is doing this. We did not participate in the world CHAMPIONSHIPS for clubs, but in the Bernabeu we have when the Real champion was, however, a between the formed. If they decide to not do it, it is probably a decision from above.”

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