Seedorf as possible to Segunda División

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Trainer Clarence Seedorf does not exclude that he Deportivo La Coruña also stays true now the club next season, on the second level of Spain must come true.

Clarence Seedorf: “Everything is still open.”

“We have not yet about my future voice”, he told Sunday night after the defeat against Barcelona (4-2). “Everything is still open. I have a good time in a beautiful city. Or I feel guilty to feel about the degradation? It has no sense to be guilty.”

Seedorf was at the beginning of February was appointed in La Coruña. He knew his first eight duels not to win with his new club and was then not more in the gap on Levante.

“We played sometimes good but did not win. That Levante should have done”, recognized the former player of Ajax, Real Madrid and AC Milan. “Against Barcelona we played well. They are not for nothing the champion and yet we have the they are difficult. It was, unfortunately, not enough to not to degrade.”

Seedorf is still not very happy as a trainer. At AC Milan and Shenzhen Xiangxue he left within half a year. About the future of Deportivo, he is optimistic. “It is not the first time that the club in this position”, he knows. “When the tears are gone, there must be a plan that the supporters happy again.”

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