Russians protest against blockade Telegram

5e6b19c74046b0f60ebacbf49b2f4a74 - Russians protest against blockade Telegram

MOSCOW – Thousands of people in Moscow demonstrated against the blockade of berichtenapp Telegram. “The regime of Putin has declared war on the internet and the free society. So we have a Telegram here to support”, said one of the demonstrators.

Russian media reports that between 7,000 and 12,000 people participated in the protest. They chanted slogans against president Vladimir Putin. Also, they threw symbolically with paper airplanes, a reference to the logo of the berichtenapp.

The Russian authorities try since 16 april Telegram to block. The authorities had demanded that secret service FSB, the keys would get to the encrypted messages of Telegram users to be able to read. Telegram refused to, after a court the green light for a blockade of the app.

’Digital resistance’

Founder Pavel Doerov has called for “digital resistance” against the decision. He praised on social media, the demonstrators on Monday, to the streets. “I am proud that I am in the same country I was born as you,” he wrote.

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