Russian ‘nuclear Titanic’ sails from

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The Akademik Lomonosov the port of Saint-Petersburg leave, on the way to Murmansk in the Baltic Sea. A scoop for which Greenpeace the nickname ‘nuclear Titanic’ or ‘floating Chernobyl’ has created.

The Akademik Lomonosov is a first. The ship is a floating power plant, owned by the Russian federal agency for nuclear energy Rosatom. A nuclear power plant to be precise …

The Akademik Lomonosov is a first. The ship is a floating power plant, owned by the Russian federal agency for nuclear energy Rosatom. A nuclear power plant to be exact and that is what the Akademik Lomonosov is going to do in Murmansk: the ship will be loaded with nuclear fuel. The real goal of the trip is the port city of Pevek, the northernmost city of Russia (350 km from the arctic circle).

Pevek is also located 240 km from Bilibino, where the northernmost nuclear power plant of the world. But that is going to normal next year close and that is the reason why the Akademik Lomonosov is coming.

Russia has (temporarily) no longer the ambition of large nuclear sites to build on the land. The oldest core sites, in spite of all the security risks to run, but will in the next few decades for a quench. The ship must work around this problem, and energy supply to remote factories, ports and oil rigs. There are dozens of such ships are needed to meet the Russians of energy to continue with in the coming decades, there is not too much publicity given in and around Moscow.

Expensive case

The first driving central building according to the common nuclear safety standards was no mean feat. The Akademik Lomonosov was exactly ten years ago. Cost: more than 230 million dollars (some sources even speak about 450 million). The ship is 144 meters long, 30 meters wide, moved 21,500 tonnes and has 69 crew members on board.

Itself sail the Lomonosov actually not, the thing should be pulled. The foreign name – for us anyway – gets the ship to the 18th-century Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov. He was, at that time, could still, chemist, astronomer, geologist, historian, mathematician, mosaic-artist, writer, poet and linguist.

Greenpeace find it but nothing

Greenpeace, there is certainly not assured. The environmental organization has been creative with nicknames and call the ship a floating Chernobyl and a nuclear Titanic.

Where Greenpeace is really concerned, is that the Russians floating nuclear power plant to the Northern Ocean. “Nuclear reactors are clearly a threat to a fragile region that is already severely stressed by the warming of the earth,” said Jan Haverkamp of Greenpeace. By global warming, is that part of the world increasingly navigable. And new shipping routes are not a blessing for the unspoiled nature.

It is, moreover, not only environmental organisation that is concerned. Norway and Sweden, for example, are equally concerned with the passage of the Lomonosov not far from their coast.

Stronger than a tsunami

Nonsense, Russia. Owner, Rosatom insists that the vessel was built in accordance with all requirements of the International atomic energy agency. “There are so many safety margins built in that the reactors indestructible. No tsunami or other disaster can the Lomonosov small.”

“Moreover, this kind of ships our coal fired power plants replaced and is, therefore, also to an environmentally friendly solution”, sounds at the state-owned company.

Furthermore, it calls the generator the what is implausible that there is now stennis is made on the Lomonosov while there are worldwide dozens of atoomonderzeeërs – American, English, and French – boat, with one or more nuclear reactors are equipped.

Still, the Russians have also delivered

At first, the Akademik Lomonosov are nuclear fuel in Saint-Petersburg. But that was the Russians what is inappropriate. Living In the city more than 5 million people, to look your best a little bit on what you nuclear doing. There circulated also a petition against the plans in St. Petersburg: 11.000 signatures she got. In Murmansk live but a population of 300,000 inhabitants.

More than a prestige project

For Russia is the Lomonosov not only a prestige project. It should be the sole solution to produce electricity in remote areas. According to Rosatom, the ship can produce enough energy for 100,000 to 200,000 people.

Launch next year Russia already with the construction of a new Lomonosov. The country hopes its know-how to be able to export it to other countries that are also desperately looking for cheaper ways to generate energy in remote regions, (and with the sea nearby).

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