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Russian E-Commerce platform FLOGmall launches Alpha Version

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24. February 2018, the Russian project FLOGmall successfully launched the Alpha Version of its E-Commerce platform. Flogmall a trade can be purchased space (similar to ebay) on the various products and sold. The great Innovation will be, that can not be paid all of the products are only with the most established currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but also with other crypto-currencies, which are not in the Top 10 or even the Top 100.

The project team has already completed the first 100 orders and a turnover in excess of US $ 50,000 listed. This is good news for investors, because within the first week, was able to collect after the Start of the Alpha Version, the project is already over 1,000,000 dollars.

FLOGmall is an international E-Commerce platform for users from all over the world that offers various Goods and services. Critical competitive advantage should be that, as already mentioned, not only with Bitcoin or Ethereum can be paid, but also with lesser-known currencies in the crypto market.

The main objective of FLOGmall is the development of the crypto-currency market forward and to establish the Adpation in everyday online business customers. By increasing our commitment and ensure a massive growth in the market, wants to FLOGmall revolutionize the E-Commerce market through the increased use of crypto-currencies.

The platform brings a number of innovative ways, with advertising. In particular, products that are offered on the platform can be, in a unique Format known as live gates are presented. The “Live store” is a combination of Blog and Video Content about the seller, its business, Goods or services.

When working with live gates sellers can create their own marketing campaigns through the integration of Video bloggers, resulting in costly marketing measures are unnecessary and the products can be better presented, resulting in a loyal customer base.

Furthermore, buyers will receive honest information about the seller whose product range and be able to make secure purchases through the use of Smart Contracts. If the buyer pay for the goods with the Platform’s own Mallcoin, there are whopping discounts.

In the consideration of products and services in catalogues or online shoppers can find often not a complete picture or only insufficient information of the seller. This can lead to problems, since the potential customer does not have too much trust in the seller (due to lack of information). With a video blog (designed with the help of live gates) can buyers seller can see with your own eyes, as if you were to visit your Store. This is a crucial advantage in the presentation of their own product through video content on the platform.

The project team has also announced that investors can also benefit from the support of the platform. FLOGmall the revenue with a Token to share-holders, beginning on the first day of the platform is ready. You have designed an Automatic Token Exchange Service (ATES) to a Token for any other crypto currency exchange.

Platform, users can monetize Token immediately after the conclusion of the ICO. Mallcoin-tokens can be purchased during the ICO, and ICO – phases with discount. Once the ICO is complete, start the platform and the withdrawal process. FLOGmall guarantees that the Token conversion rate is in the ATES is higher than the rate during the ICOs.

The PRE-ICO is already running and is up to 22. March last. The official ICO is the 12. April up to 12. May take place.

FLOGmall would like to currencies the use of Crypto, especially the use of Altcoins and unknown digital currencies, in the everyday life of the people to establish. Crypto-currency is to not only serve as a means of speculation, in order to generate the maximum possible profit, but is to be used as a means of payment, just like cash.

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