Roseanne wants to be prime minister of Israel are

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The 65-year-old Roseanne Barr still has a big dream, as she said during the Jerusalem Post Conference in Israel. “In my fantasy, I live later as an old woman in the Jewish homeland and believe me, that is really a day of. In 2012, I mentioned that I’m president of the United States would be or prime minister of Israel. God willing, I’ll go for it,” said Roseanne.

The actress is three times in Israel and sees himself a farm, where her whole family can live. Barr is delighted with the move of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, after president Donald Trump made this decision. “I want him on behalf of my mother and all the Jewish people to thank for the relocation of the embassy. A lot of presidents have given us that promised, but came out of their appointment, then not after. Trumps decision may be controversial, I think that this is precisely a step towards world peace,” said Roseanne.

That the sitcom actress fan of the American president, puts them under chairs or sofas. “I’ve seen him a few times meet then he is still ‘an ordinary citizen’. He was always nice to me and has me recently congratulations on the great ratings that the remake of my show, Roseanne has scored. Trump is, as a former reality show star, just so crazy about ratings as I am.”

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