Richer than you Think? is back!

4ace44cc56caf1b1b731b72b0da14817 - Richer than you Think? is back!

Staf Coppens draws in the coming weeks through Flanders to hopefully get a few people richer than they think. On Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 may, the Richer than you Think?-caravan down at the comic strip museum in Brussels. 19 and 20 may, appreciates the program for the first time, objects from a flea market: the famous BRAS flea market of Mechelen. Or how ‘junk’, maybe not only beautiful, but also valuable. 26 and 27 may form the library of Genk in the recording arena, and 2 and 3 June stores Staff are tents in muziekcentrum De Bijloke in Ghent. On 9 and 10 June finally, again a first in the menu: then it may be Richer than you Think? if first – one week before the official opening – a part of the new exhibition in the brand new wing of the Court of Buysleden in Mechelen visit.

Last season proved two other paintings 24.000 euros worth and brought a bronze statue 19,000 euro. Previously was the owner of a cello, to hear that his copy was good for up to 70,000 euros, and was a painting of a pupil of Van Dyck discovered and estimated at 25,000 euros. Dreams may so!

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