Rapper Hef plays a police officer in Bon Bini 2

1ad22326f03f028e2bc1eecb7519a6a0 - Rapper Hef plays a police officer in Bon Bini 2

Rapper Hef plays an important role in the new film Bon Bini Holland 2. Hef is cast as a police officer. That tells the artist Monday with FunX dj Fernando Halman on the website

Earlier it was Lifting as an actor already seen in Gangsterboys, Valentino, Roffa and the series Van God los. “This role is very far from me,” says the rapper laughing to Halman. Hef was in the past negative contact with the police and rapte a lot about the street life in Hoogvliet.

“I wanted the first time not do it”, admits the Dutchman. “But Jandino Asporaat, who plays the leading role, said that it is important for small ‘niggers’ police want to be. “We can, however, with whites dropping, but I want that” nigger-kids’ in the cinema thinking: I can be police officer, that is also possible for me.” The rapper hopes to own say with the role “all fucked-up gangstershit I have done a bit to rectify that.”


Bon Bini Holland 2 is the sequel to the eponymous hit film of 2015. Jandino Asporaat plays in the film is a scammer that Curaçao must flee because there is a dangerous criminal behind him entering her. Bon Bini 1 was with more than 550,000 visitors one of the largest Dutch bioscoophits of the past few years.

There is also relatively little is known about the sequel, that in mid-december in the cinemas.

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