Presale Bette Midler let the website crash

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The presale of the last performances of the musical Hello Dolly! with Bette Midler this weekend led to the crash of the great ticketsite Download. The 72-year-old Midler posted on Instagram a message to her loyal fans to thank for their persistence and perseverance.

“I come down the stairs, bitches!” writes Midler, with a picture of her on the famous stairs that have a large role in the performance plays. “Thank you for all the fans who have continued to persevere during the great crash of Application.”

The actress plays in August, four weeks the role of procuress Dolly Levi. Midler performed the role last year, ten months and received positive reviews and numerous awards. The role has since January been taken over by colleague Bernadette Peters. The piece is in August for the last show on Broadway; Midler plays the role in the last few weeks.

It is the first real starring role for Midler in a Broadway production. The musical, Hello Dolly tells the story of a procuress who himself has proposed the self-made millionaire Horace Horace to win. She does this while the two winkelbedienden of Horace for the first time, travelling to New York for true love to find.

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