Philippines should no longer be in Kuwait working

c12849b773df01e93a5f00323f22c8f5 - Philippines should no longer be in Kuwait working

The Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has a ban on working in Kuwait set. He does that after the body of a maid, Joanna Demafelis, in the freezer of her employer was found.

Since February gold there is already a temporary ban for the Philippines to work in Kuwait, but Duterte announced now a permanent ban. The workers already in the country to live and work, are allowed to remain. The Philippines who wish to return, be assisted by the authorities.

The temporary ban was a result of the death of a maid, Joanna Demafelis (29). It was in February in the freezer found with her employer, that her presumably also murdered. The police estimates that Joanna is more than a year in the freezer was.

Joanna is not the only victim, in a few months time, were seven Filipino workers are found dead in Kuwait.

Diplomatic rel

The Philippines and Kuwait were negotiating a solution, but Kuwait put the Philippine ambassador still out of the country and called for the own envoy back. Duterte has the temporary work ban then converted into a permanent ban.

In total, more than 260,000 Philippines in Kuwait, mostly as domestic help or nanny. Foreign earnings are very important for the Philippines. In total at least 2 million Philippines abroad, that is one in ten.

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