Netanyahu: ’Iran is building yet, a nuclear device’

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JERUSALEM – Tehran does not adhere to the Iran deal and is secretly still a nuclear device to the development. That has the Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu said during a televised address Monday night.

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Netanyahu during his press conference. ’Iran lied’, is his clear message.

“Iran is lying”, said Netanyahu convinced. After the conclusion of the Iran-deal in 2015 the country continue with its nuclear programme, according to the Israeli prime minister. He showed two cabinets with binders and cd’s that the ’nuclear file of Iran would contain. Netanyahu told not how Israel the archive in the hands.

The Iranians call their nuclear program the Project Amad, said the prime minister. It is aimed at five nuclear warheads with a force of ten kilotons to develop, in a rocket would have to adjust. Such warheads would be as powerful as the bomb dropped on the Japanese Hirosjima is thrown.

Netanyahu supported his claims with documents, photographs, and animations that, according to him, of Iranian origin. It was, inter alia, to simulations of nuclear explosions and maps showing the possible locations of places in Iran where a nuclear device tested could be.

The Iranian Foreign minister Javad Zarif responded prior to the speech already on Twitter. “You people can’t be infinite for the fool”, wrote the Iranian foreign minister.

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