Multiple deaths by attacks, Afghanistan

e466179c790440ab0acda66699f03a98 - Multiple deaths by attacks, Afghanistan

KABUL – Certainly seven people by two attacks in the Afghan capital Kabul killed, twenty others were injured. In the eastern Nangarhar province was an attack perpetrated on police officers.

According to a spokesperson of the police would be a suicide bomber on a motorcycle the first explosion in Kabul have caused. The victims are the citizens. The attack took place in the district of Shash Darak near the headquarters of the secret service, the U.s. embassy and the NATO headquarters.

A short time later exploded in the same district, a second bomb, when workers of the wounded of the first attack did. Among the victims of the second attack would be journalists.

In the Nangarhar province came a policeman with a stop to life. Five others were injured.

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