Mother Deborah: “Tim abused my daughter’

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The mothers of Deborah and Tim who participated in Temptation Island, are busy with interest. So says Deborah’s mother on Facebook that Tim is the ribs of her daughter has broken and can prove this.

An enraged Vera, the mother of Tim, says in Day All: “You may lots of to say of my son. But accuse him of physical violence? That cock I did not!”

Tim, who together with his mother, a one-time interview to the magazine, says in advance of appointments to have made with his ex. “Deborah and I had one appointment before we go to Thailand left. What also would happen during or after ‘Temptation’, we would neatly keep. No mud wrestling in the media. No slander, no old cows out of the ditch. I have always held. In ‘Temptation Island’ you hear me not a bad word to speak about Deborah.”

He continues: “I have her emblazoned! Even when I feelings got to Cherish, blééf I say to Deborah that didn’t deserve it. And then ignores me this.” This refers to the 31-year-old Fleming in the interview that his ex-girlfriend has previously given to Day All.

Tim says to consider an indictment. “Well, then may she prove once show. Deborah is on her work ever of a ladder cases, but to my knowledge she had only a wound to her head. I have in any case never a finger to her stretched out. And if so, why would she be four years long with me? I consider becoming to file a complaint against Deborah.”

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