More misery for Theresa May

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The resignation of her Interior minister, Amber Rudd, is very inconvenient to premier May. There are this week’s key local elections and the tension in the Brexit negotiations going again to a climax.

Amber Rudd has the towel into the ring to throw and was quickly replaced by Sajid Javid. New revelations in the Windrush scandal were Rudd to be fatal. Already three weeks beech, the media and the opposition …

Amber Rudd has the towel into the ring to throw and was quickly replaced by Sajid Javid. New revelations in the Windrush scandal were Rudd to be fatal. Already three weeks beech, the media and the opposition mercilessly in the government. The Guardian took the lead in this affair. The newspaper stories of elderly immigrants from the former Caribbean colonies, suddenly the label ‘illegals’ certificate received. They lost their right to free health care and housing.

Although Theresa May is emphatically denied that there is a deliberate policy behind it, proved that to be the case. The ministry of Home Affairs was even targets to use to get them out of the country. The Guardian revealed yesterday that Rudd about this and had lied in the parliament. That was her fatal.

Shock absorber is gone

With the resignation of Rudd returns to the tranquility certainly not back in the government. On the contrary, this case breathes very hard on the premier. May was Rudds predecessor at the department, and the question is how big the responsibility of May itself in this case. The past few weeks caught Rudd is the biggest hit for her boss. That shock is now gone.

Rudd was also a loyal supporter of May in the government. Also that unconditional support falls away and that may be the premier acid to break up because she is waiting for exciting weeks. Thursday there are local elections and that predict little good for the Conservative Party. In London, for example, is Labour on the way to her best result in 40 years to achieve.

Cards on the table

A bad result will be the critics of May’s new ammunition. Especially the advocates of a hard Brexit rubbing in the hands. The pressure on the prime minister to make a definitive opinion on what kind of relationship the UK after Brexit with the European Union wishes to maintain, is growing. The European member states expect that they at the European Summit of June her cards finally on the table.

And as always, sitting May intern in a particularly difficult position. The past weeks were in the house of lords a few moods in which her government a painful defeat suffered. A large majority of the Lords found that the UK after Brexit in the customs union must continue. Only in this way the damage to the economy is limited and there is a workable solution for the Northern Irish grenskwestie. Extra painful for her, that was one of the initiators of the movement, Chris Patten, a former Conservative party chairman.

May and the hard Brexiteers in her government would absolutely not know. If the UK in the customs union remains, it may be no trade agreements conclude with other countries. And that can be absolutely not the intention of the Brexit have been, find them.

However, the danger in the house of Commons

The votes in the house of lords posed no direct threat to the government, but the matter reached the house of Commons, and there May be danger. Last week also approved the house of Commons a similar motion well. That was not yet binding, but they indicated that the mps are serious about their requirement. Re-voted Conservatives along with the motion.

And so May is here, slowly take it into account, because the house of Commons has obtained that he has the last word about the Brexit agreement. If the final deal with the EU parliament, not the senses, can the agreement to vote against.

Crisis after crisis after crisis

The intention was that May this week with her government on the issue would be bending to finally be with a position to come out. The question is whether this summit, with the crisis still continues. Certainly, it is hard Brexiteers little tears to the departure of Rudd. Together with the minister of Finance, Philip Hammond, she was the greatest defender of a soft Brexit. Last week showed Rudd to indicate that there is still no decision had been made about whether or not to remain a member of the customs union. Within the government are the hard Brexiteers around Boris Johnson certainly enhanced.

Even though it was there with Sajid Javid quickly a new minister of the Interior appointed, there remains one certainty: since last year, the general election is lost, troubles May from crisis to crisis. Rudd is the fourth minister who should go. ‘Strong and stable’, with the government-May never be.

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