Messi: ‘He deserves it so as to leave’

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Andres Iniesta made last Friday his departure from Barcelona to the world, and picked up Sunday with his team the national championship.

Lionel Messi

“He has more than earned to say goodbye”, said Lionel Messi and his team-mate. “He departs with the double (national championship and cup, red.), though we had, of course, prefer the treble farewell of him,” said the Argentine. That should not be so, because Barcelona was in the quarter finals of the Champions League in spectacular fashion off by AS Roma.

Better than competitors

“His departure is extremely regrettable”, says Messi. “Earlier names Xavi and Javier Mascherano already saying goodbye, and this season it is his turn.” The star was delighted with the title that Barcelona Sunday night conquered. “I am very happy. We know how difficult it is for Spain to become a champion, but we have earned it. We have much better played than our competitors and this season, but few games are lost.”

Barcelona is in the league thus far undefeated, and lost in the (ultimately won) Copa Del Rey only the heenwedstrijd in the quarter finals of stadgenoot Espanyol with 1-0. The second defeat of the season, the return in the quarter finals of the Champions League, it was the most precious for the team of Ernesto Valverde.

Click here to view the results, and the program is in La Liga.

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