Melisa Moreover saves son from slugfest

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It had a Koningsdag as all the others have to be: enjoy a pleasant drink on the terrace in Apeldoorn. But it was not to be, tells Shownews.

Andy van der Meyde and Melisa Moreover

According to Melisa, they were with friends for a chat in the café when Andy was approached by someone who in addition to their friends. He wanted Andy to shake hands. But when the former professional footballer, the hand took it, the man started to struggle. “Andy is never normally aggressive, but when he was attacked, he struck back,” says Melisa Moreover.

They didn’t see exactly what happened, because she thought of only one thing: “I immediately took my son to get him to safety.” The couple could end up via the rear entrance of the café escape. The police have them safely home again. Moreover, together with Andy have two children: Lily and Rox. Both have children from a previous relationship, which Melisa’s son, Nino is also in the set in Apeldoorn, the netherlands lives at home.

According to News it is not the first time that Melisa with aggression: so would her father two years ago, with an ashtray on his head, beaten and was an uncle of her for a while before that hit by a car. The family will now also take legal action against them targeted violence to stop. The police confirm the fight and that there has been a report of abuse.

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