Martine Jonckheere back in Family

424787c5ed103ccb35be26a3f3df9f07 - Martine Jonckheere back in Family

Everything comes back, Martine Jonckheere. Three years after, Martine was dismissed from the Family, returns via the big port back in the Family. No, this is not a joke, Martine Jonckheere will be for a few months back in Family and takes the role of Marie-Rose back on. Martine was by the previous Family boss thanks for services rendered but now, there’s been a very time a different boss – read Wim Feyaerts – at the helm of Tv-Bastards – Martine is more than welcome, even though it is only for a few months. A final return is not yet on the order. Will temporarily Martine for three months on part time basis on the set of Family to see. How and when she returns, that is still not clear.

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