Man wins million but will get nothing

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London – Alan won the quiz show ” Who wants to be a miliionaire’, but got not a penny of his prize money.

Jeremy (ex-Top Gear) Clarkson presents Who wants…

Starting next week is the show to see again on the English tube and, therefore, was for the last time even included.

To the amazement of everyone, including the new presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, gave Alan Russel only good answers. Fifteen to be exact and that is normally enough for the top prize of a million.

The native of Hartlepool did it because his friends are there during pubquizzen always amazed that he has so many answers to know.

In the end, Alan will go home with a sum of ninety euro.

The Englishman, whose girlfriend incidentally in the business ’Who wants’ produces, says to The Sun that he didn’t know that he had nothing to win. “I found it quite nice to be in that iconic chair to sit. Maybe I am, but let go to give up.”

The show runs for twenty years in England.

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