Makkelie as videoscheidsrechter to world cup in Russia

cd1b110c9d8b5ba41b498c766520210d - Makkelie as videoscheidsrechter to world cup in Russia

Danny Makkelie is as videoscheidsrechter to the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia. He is on a list of thirteen video-arbitrators who wereldvoetbalbond FIFA has released.

“This is fantastic news for me personally and also for the KNVB”, responds Makkelie on his election. “This is a reward for all the efforts that the KNVB as a pioneer in this field has been made.”

It is obvious that Makkelie at the world cup is going to collaborate with referee Björn Kuipers and his assistants Sander van Roekel and Erwin Zeinstra. They got last month to hear that they are on the WC flutes.

Makkelie will, however, also during other matches to be used in the Team Kuipers in charge.

“I almost every day to the bucket must. A bit spicy, but just nice. I’m rather busy then that I was in a hotel room must wait,” says the 35-year-old in Dordrecht.


Makkelie has from the beginning been closely involved in the development of video arbitration in the professional football. The first test of the FIFA with a liveverbinding found in 2016 take place at the friendly international match between Italy and France.

Makkelie acted as videoscheidsrechter, while Kuipers, the referee on the field was. Also worked Makkelie as video-arbitrator at the world cup for clubs (2016) and the world CHAMPIONSHIP under 20 (2017).

Makkelie had still prefer it on the field stood during the upcoming world cup, but he explains himself in the choice for Kuipers.

“I will do everything to be on the EK 2020 of the party. In this role I am still on the WK is active and that is very instructive and important. Because let’s be honest: video-arbitration is the future of football.”

The world cup in Russia starts on the 14th of June with the game between Russia and Saudi Arabia. On 15 July, the final is played.


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