Jonas Smulders, Martijn Lakemeier make theaterdebuut

100c849d5c76b62958308a5f648d6892 - Jonas Smulders, Martijn Lakemeier make theaterdebuut

Jonas Smulders, Martijn Lakemeier make this summer their theaterdebuut at Toneelgroep Oostpool. They will be on the Parade to see in the short presentation All people of director Marcus Azzini, made Oostpool Monday known.

Smulders is known for his roles in bioscoophits as Boys, and The Dinner and series like Hollands Hope and Family Kruys. He got in 2015 a Golden Calf for his role in tv drama No kings in our blood. Lakemeier was more to see in Holland’s Hope and Feuten. He was in 2009 the youngest actor ever to a Golden Calf won, for his starring role in the successful boekverfilming winter in wartime) by director Martin Koolhoven.

With the quirky All People #5 and #6 makes Azzini festival The Parade to say to a meeting place. He wants his show to answer questions like ” how can you identify with someone who is different than you?’ “This ensemble does not let itself predict, but moves with what we have now engaged,” said Azzini. “One thing is for sure: the will about the man, about you, and me, and the world around us.”

Also starring Florian Myjer, Casper Nusselder and Chris Peters (Tonio) are in the show to see. All people plays at the Parade in Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amsterdam and Utrecht.

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