Jolink changes name and comes with book

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Boerenrocker Bennie Jolink may not be. More than two years after the end of Normal provides, he himself under the name of Bernardus Jolink a comeback as a solo artist. It was in march already known that he has his own album was, it now turns out that he is on the autobiographical work is also a book link.

Bennie Jolink

Because the artiestenbloed creeps where it can be decided the rocker that a new plate had to come. An autobiographical disc, with twelve songs. With it, a book with twelve chapters. Each song linked to a story. The title of the project is telling: Post Normal.

That new plate is processed Jolink, who himself is from the present Bernardus late call to his father and grandfather, the often – literally – painful period after Normal. Jolink know since year and day, big lung. “In 2016 I was four weeks in hospital and ten weeks in a rehabilitation centre. I was more dead than alive. And that is how I felt.” The singer turned out demolished by the Prednisone. Mid-2017 was the worst sorrow and got Jolink slowly regain energy.

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