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Island state of Antigua and Barbuda plans to crypto currency exchange

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The government of the country of Antigua and Barbuda is to establish a crypto-currency stock exchange, the tourism-and gambling-dependent state in another financial leg to stand on and build the prosperity of the country secure.

Antigua and Barbuda is a sovereign state, consisting of the two Islands of Antigua and Barbuda, and several smaller Islands, and is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The state belongs to the Eastern Caribbean and is located between the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean.

Currently, the country is strong financially from tourism, as well as of gambling. The government now wants to generate more revenues for the Treasury and the country “at the top of the new system for wealth creation”.

As the local news portal Antigua top server reports, has announced the Minister for information technology Melford Nicholas, that the stock market is to act as intermediary to buyers and sellers of crypto-currencies for a fee.

The news quoted a state opinion as following:

Antigua and Barbuda is determined to be on the cutting edge of the new system of creating wealth with the expectation that the Exchange will generate non-tax revenue for the Treasury.

To the establishment of the stock exchange the government of Antigua and Barbuda has the canadian entrepreneur Calvin Ayre, as the economy appointed a consultant. Ayre, which is now naturalized, and in Antigua and Barbuda is alive, is the founder of the Online gaming platform Bodog (Poker, sports betting, casino games), as well as known for his enthusiasm for Kryptos, and in particular Bitcoin Cash.

Last month, he announced that he will build a Resort on the beach of the Valley Church, which he would allegedly pay for alone due to its profits from crypto-currencies and what is also accept Bitcoin and Cash as means of payment.

Already last year, the Antigua observer reported that the Cabinet of the island state has created a law for the introduction of Bitcoin as the official currency. Driving factor was the Antigua, Leisure and Gaming Association, which proposed the settlement of the sale of Goods and services with Bitcoin.

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