Iran prohibits Telegram

6ca595069f052757b5909d84e10da14f - Iran prohibits Telegram

TEHRAN – Iran has frequently used chatapp Telegram is prohibited. The decision is “based on the requirements of security forces for the tackling of illegal activities of Telegram” reports the state television of the islamic republic. Iran had officials already prohibited to Telegram use.

Around the turn of the year there were in Iran a lot of demonstrations. The protesters were unhappy about price increases, corruptieverdenkingen and the lack of economic progress. The protesters, who together wanted to communicate used before, Telegram and other social media. Telegram is therefore already temporarily blocked.

Telegram was already blocked by Russia. Then I manage the Telegram and its users, however, for that to work. Many other sites were still unreachable. Russia was angry because the Telegram refused to accept the keys to messages to read the secret service FSB. Telegram was launched by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Doerov. They were rather rich with the social network VKontakte, the Russian Facebook’. The brothers have made Russia a few years ago turned their back on.

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