Intrusion attempt by John Ewbank prevent

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John Ewbank and his wife, Kelly f. weekers are looking for burglars. Thanks to their surveillance, they knew last night, three men with bivakmutsen to capture on film. On Instagram, they share the images to the perpetrators to find out.

Kelly f. weekers and John Ewbank

With the enable of the public has mr weekers good experiences. She hopes that people are the ’types’ identified at the image of the camera, that Sunday at 21.55 is included. “Since you gave me so often on the way to help with the most varied things, now on good luck… (…) can you Recognise these types? Let me know!”.

The sharp images are thanks to the cameras that the couple to their house to hang and 24/7 recording images. Because of this, the offenders were immediately identified when the terrain climbed. They are not in.

The couple in this threat is not the humor loses, it is apparent from the caption. “These three men were last night in front of our door. Likely not order pizza to get delivered.”

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