Horror-trailer traumatiseert young kids in the bios

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Perth – In a cinema In the Australian city of Perth have parents and children the shock of their life. They had purchased the tickets for the film ’Peter Rabbit’, but one of the trailers was not well matched to the target audience.

Peter Rabbit (L) and a scene from the horror-trailer (R).

The new horror movie ’Hereditary’ by critics, also known as the scariest horror film of 2018 called. It is not very surprising that the children and parents shocked after seeing the trailer. In the trailer of the film is to see that the head of a dove is cut off by a demonic child, that there is someone in the fire state and the head of a boy being smashed on a table.

“It was awful. I knew very soon that this is not a trailer for a film was. Parents began to yell and tried the eyes and ears of their children to cover,” says a shocked mother to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Free tickets

Eventually, an employee of the cinema to the screen to turn off. The startled parents and children all have free receive tickets to go to go to the cinema.

The trailer can be seen below. Do you dare?

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