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Home is where my Family is

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At Home disappears one character after the other, Family come there ever. Or they come back: now again Marie-Rose De Putter, a role of Martine Jonckheere. To succeed in the kijkcijferkloof to be sealed?

It is one of the hard laws in the world of soap operas: characters come and go, actors. Both at Home in One as in the Family on tv that will lead to human dramas. Recently is in …

It is one of the hard laws in the world of soap operas: characters come and go, actors. Both at Home in One as in the Family on tv that will lead to human dramas. Just in the Home yet Renzo permanently to the South of France lives. Actor Frank Van Nerum was not happy about it, he made on Facebook and in the newspapers to know: the man has a family with three children and he has just finished a renovation behind it, the story would be so into a soap opera. Of Nerum had after the announcement of his resignation a couple of months working on the set in the Manhattan in Leuven, and was reportedly reluctantly. How would you yourself?

Wounded animal

Three years ago happened something similar to, Martine Jonckheere in the Family. She was there, in the role of Marie-Rose De Putter, from the very beginning of the VTM-soap, at the end of 1991. Marie-Rose, and disappeared at the beginning of this century as the screen, but in 2005, popped them back on. In 2015, it was again last, very much against the meaning of Jonckheere, who, when her grams took in a radio interview. “I felt like a wounded animal that is left behind by the herd.’

Jonckheere fell without income, she lost her contract as the ‘face’ of dienstenchequebedrijf Greenhouse). She was, however, yet to hire as a personal shopper, but that wasn’t a smashing hit. ‘Fortunately, my husband had some savings set aside, ” she says today in Day All. The story would be so into a soap opera.

Her resignation led to a big dispute with Guy Goedgezelschap, that when the paste swung at TV Bastards, the internal production company of VTM, that Family makes. In the meantime Goedgezelschap way (the story would no doubt be as in a soap can) and replaced by Wim Feyaerts. That Feyaerts has recently Jonckheere calls asking to return to the Family , temporarily, in a part-time role. Marie-Rose was in 2015, lives in the South of France, who may just return. For Frank Van Nerum is all hope still not lost.

The battle for the viewer

Home and Family are vital for Eén and VTM. The soaps withdraw after the news broadcasts the evening going and determine largely how many people the whole night at which stations continue to hang. If something starts to slide in viewing figures, that in the long run have major consequences. In the meantime, Home easy, daily 300,000 to half a million viewers more than Family.

There is a peculiar evolution in that relentless war. At Home is the number of characters is noticeably reduced. The past two years, gone to some of the most popular names from the series: Show (Bill Barberis), Jana (Joy Anna Thielemans), Yvette (Chris Boni), Jenny (Janine Bishops). Now it disappears so also Renzo (Nerum) and with him his beloved Charité (Aïssatou Diop). Soon, even Mayra (Muriel Bats), and Luc (Mark Willems) on the turn. A lot of new blood comes from there.

Whimsical storylines

Viewers complain about that, go off on the Facebook page of at Home. Just like they complain about the erratic story lines in the soap. Used to be you had bad guys and goedzakken in at Home, now bounces everyone from good to evil and back again. That seems to be a deliberate choice of the creators (anyone can be good and bad), but it confuses the people. Although it seems to have no influence on the ratings. For the time being.

At Family , we see the reverse movement. There remain but names a rest. In the summer of 2016, the VTM-soap a kind of transfiguration, with a new generic, new sets, new characters and a time jump of I have you there. There were some familiar faces, such as Kürt Rogiers, Jaak Van Assche, Erika Van Tielen and Lien Of the Basement. Oh, and Janine Bishops, of course, that Home just upgraded to Family.

Not with my daughter

That ‘reboot’ gave the ratings of Family a boost, but relished any viewers from Home. The advance is also interrupted, in retrospect, has it made a difference of maybe 50.000 viewers. VTM so it can’t rest on its laurels, and must be the attention going to keep. That was recently with heart problems of Roel Vanderstukken (though that was probably not set up game), and it’s perhaps also why the creators decided Marie-Rose De Putter back to catch up.

They did that recently here with her first husband, the dead Guido Van den Bossche, played by Karel Deruwe. The rumor about that led to speculation and hilarity on social media: Guido would be able to return because at that time someone else in his place was buried. Only had a few fans looked it up: William was cremated. It proved to be a false alarm: Guido came only a while back in a dream.

Marie-Rose not, they come from next season. To find that her ex-husband, Mathias (role of Peter Bulckaen) now holds with her daughter Véronique (Sandrine André). The story would be so into a soap opera.

This said, it is now only waiting for the return of Jacky Lafon in Family.

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