Gordon was not allowed on Gerards party come

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It was a party that Gerard Joling Sunday gave for his 58th birthday and, therefore, were already invited his friends. But former tv-pal, Gordon is no longer with.

At 538Koningsdag made Gerard Joling was already a clear statement about Gordon

It went wrong between the successful tv duo when Gordon-discussed biography released. Herein he wrote about Gerard is that he has ideas stolen from him would have. Joling responded quickly in the direction of Private that he is one, and all the distortions and blame came upon where he is not recognized. Goor is not welcome at the birthday party of Geer. “I have Gordon not invited. I thought it would be good to have a little rest in the tent to keep it.”

Were, among others, André Hazes, Karin Bloemen and Irene Moors on the anniversary of the renowned singer. Irene: “Gerard is a very dear friend who is always there for you ready if you to his friends belongs.” And that status had Gordon already lost. Gerard at the time: “We were already a while on very well with each other. Friends do not, that we will never be and he knows it. That sits him straight. I keep him colleague, and that he finds but nothing, but after everything he years ago of me has said and called is that there simply is no more.”

So missed Gordon the lavish party with the theme of Burlesque and was the co-singer André Hazes that a duet with Geer began. It was the song Stay With Me of his late father, that his father was already together with Joling played, have brought and of which the title the young Hazes yet, somewhat ironically in the ears must be sounded on the day on which the early suspicion of the Private by the public at large was confirmed, namely, that he and Monique really from each other,

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