Gijs van Dam: ’a Newspaper is much to trifle with my sorrow’

Today it was announced that Gijs van Dam in the case against Faith that had served in the Council for Journalism (Esa) partly right. Van Dam speaks on his Facebook page of a victory, but laments the way in which True this result has been published.

Trouw is not in the wrong with the story in which presenter Jelle Brandt Corstius says that he was sexually assaulted, held the council Monday. However, the Council thought that the newspaper a bit more should have been in the beginning of the story. It says that the sentence: “Also a journalist Jelle Brandt Corstius is a victim.” Thus presenting the newspaper to his assertion as a fact.

“The board finds, however, that the newspapers do journalism careless has acted in the editorial introduction to the allegations, to the hare and this if fact to present”, to read in the summary. “And that’s exactly how I feel,” writes Van Dam about this last conclusion. He labels the statement, therefore, as one-zero for him. He holds True together with Jelle Brandt Corstius ’ responsible for the mess in my life.

’Far too lightly’

The Council for Journalism gave further recommendation to the newspaper to the conclusion ’generous to publish. Van Dam thinks that the newspaper is there, but easily from. In the intro of an article about this on the site of Allegiance is only the first part of the statement read: “Faith has carefully adhered to the publication of the open letter of Jelle Brandt Corstius about sexual abuse. That concludes the Council for Journalism in a case in which Gijs van Dam against the newspaper had filed.”

Only after two paragraphs, follows the part about the carelessness of the newspaper. Van Dam: “Faith is taking this so again, not the journalistic care and goes far to trifle with the suffering that me has been caused.” According to the tv producer, the far-reaching consequences and is his good name forever irreparably damaged.

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