Flikken Maastricht gets season 13

04fc5c99b5fbb2863d187fb057fd0e28 - Flikken Maastricht gets season 13

Flikken Maastricht returns next season back on the Dutch television. That has AVROTROS Monday via social media channels.

It’s thirteenth season is coming autumn turned. It’s not exactly clear when the new series starts, let a spokesperson when prompted, know.

The end of season 12 caused Friday a lot of strong reactions on social media. The main character Floris Wolfs (Victor Reinier) wanted his fellow Eva van Dongen (Angela schijf) in marriage questions. It was unclear how the initiative ended.

From the video on social media seems to make both actors, in any case, back in the thirteenth season. There was only time fear in the fans that Flikken Maastricht 12 the final series would be because the actors thereon hintten. That fear now appears to be, in any case, unfounded.

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