Fight between Sergio Herman and his right hand?

Fight between Sergio Herman and his right hand?

For the outside world is Sergio Herman still the face and the head chef of The Jane. But now it seems that the popular televisiekok only a business partner of the tweesterrenrestaurant and no longer behind the stove.

The Jane is All, “Sergio Hermans Flemish baby”, so we see the tweesterrenrestaurant all. But now it seems that Sergio Herman is much less involved in The Jane than we all thought. Sergio’s right-hand man Nick Bril wants out of the shadow of his teacher steps in and finally clarity about who the lines strategy at The Jane. And that’s not Sergio, but Nick Bril itself. He is behind the stove, set the menu together, creates the cuisine, the staff… And it bothers Nick Glasses that everyone still thinks that Sergio Herman is the chef of The Jane. “Sergio is only my business partner,” say Nick Glasses clear language in Day All. “We are both shareholder of The Jane, but I lead the company.” Is there a hair in the butter between Sergio Herman and his right hand?

Nick Bril wants to make clear that he, Sergio Herman very grateful for all the opportunities he has given to him. Nick was barely 19 years when he was in the kitchen of Sergio Herman started and it was the most demanding chef who Nick the spine gave to make it as a chef. But now is the time to get out of his shadow to act. Nick Glasses grabs out with his first cookbook, “33”, and it contains not only the dishes, but we learn Nick Glasses also as a person. “33 is a book that is nice to read and inspires,” says Nick Glasses in Day All. But what about Sergio Herman about the book?

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