FIFA select Makkelie for world cup

08e993a9b6d771d7bef40d883cdb9334 - FIFA select Makkelie for world cup

Danny Makkelie is next summer during the world cup in Russia, one of the thirteen videoscheidsrechters. The FIFA made Monday that the Dutch arbitrator has been selected.

Danny Makkelie in action as videoscheidsrechter.

“Fantastic news for me personally and also for the KNVB”, responds Makkelie. “This is a reward for all the efforts that the KNVB as a pioneer in this field has been made.”

The Dutch football association experiments already with the Video, Assistant Referee. In Russia, the VAR for the first time in world cup-related uses. “Therefore, it is a well-deserved reward for the KNVB that we are on the world cup are represented with a referee, two assistant referees, and now a video referee. From the beginning they worked really hard on this project. We let to see that we do it well. Not only I, but all the VAR’s in the Netherlands. I really feel extremely honored that I on behalf of the Netherlands at the world cup should represent.”

Makkelie may be chest as well as wetting. He is not only – in all likelihood – together with Bjorn Kuipers, but even referee from other countries to assist. “I almost every day to the bucket must. A bit spicy, but just nice. I’m rather busy then that I was in a hotel room must be waiting.”

Preferably had Makkelie like Kuipers on the grass and stood. “Yes, of course. Every VAR loves as a referee on the field. But that choice is now on Björn Kuipers cases, and I will do everything to be on the EK 2020 of the party. In this role I am still on the WK is active and that is very instructive and important. Because let’s be honest: videoarbitrage is the future of football.”

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