FIFA comes with working group for new projects

1d2716862372f09525f77ccc56ef95e2 - FIFA comes with working group for new projects

The wereldvoetbalbond FIFA is a seven-member workgroup to the discussion about a new design of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS for club teams and the Nations League lead in the right direction.

Fatma Samoura

The college will need to consist of the general secretaries of the six confederations. On behalf of the FIFA will Fatma Samoura take a seat on the special commission, the first female secretary-general of the wereldvoetbalbond.

According to the FIFA, the working group will start to discuss the importance and the haalbaarbeid of the two ambitious projects. These global events would, reportedly, between 2021 and 2033, approximately 25 billion dollars in revenue can go to generate, thanks to new investors.

During a meeting in Bogota in march, FIFA president Gianni Infantino for the first time about the lucrative plans spoken. The Nations League, which in Europe in september, would be a global set-up. The world cup for club teams would be from 2021, a quarterly tournament with 24 participating teams. Now is the world cup still held every year with seven clubs.

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