FC Twente see the budget fall substantially

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The degradation for FC Twente huge consequences. The club for the upcoming season significantly in the budget. General director is aiming at an amount of 18 to 20 million euros, where the club this season, worked with a budget of 29 million euro.

FC Twente-director Erik Velderman during the match between Vitesse and FC Twente.

,,There are also very dark analysis that to 15 million bags, but that’s where I’m from,” said Velderman, that Monday morning, a stroke of luck could write it down. The main sponsor Pure Energy has indicated not to make use of the degradatieclausule. ,,Pure has a generous offer for a long term commitment,” said Velderman.

FC Twente will be a significant reduction in costs need to achieve, and that will be at the expense of jobs. How many jobs will be lost, could Velderman not yet. ,,There will be a proposal to go to the works council, but I can confirm that the degradation of jobs is going to cost,” says the general director. We need to downsize. We want little cuts around our ‘voetbalbedrijf’. We want to return within a year to the premier league.”

To FC Twente to keep aiming Velderman on a capital injection by Twente entrepreneurs. That should be a amount of around 15 million euros to yield.

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