FC Twente awaits uncertain future

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There is FC Twente in the Jupiler League with an uncertain future. The budget of 29 million euro is expected to be with the half back, but even then, there are big holes in the financial household.

How to proceed with FC Twente?

The downturn in tv revenue, from 5.6 million euros to 1 million euros, is huge. There will be anyway quite need to be cut in the costs and that will be at the expense of jobs.

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Also, on a technical level is the uncertainty factor. With the dismissal of Gertjan Verbeek, Jan van Halst, as responsible for the disastrous technical policy is already set aside and since then there has been in that area a vacuum. In the background is the earlier this year as head of scouting returned Evert Bleuming the last time had been concerned with sports toekomstplaatje. Fred Rutten is with the supervisory board at the top of the wish list as a new technical responsible person, but it is extremely doubtful that after the degradation are still feasible.

The selection will be a thorough metamorphosis. The mercenaries will all leave, and also for some of the more expensive players will have no place in the new team, from the ground up will need to be. The spelersbudget is expected to more than 4 million euro amounts, but NEC has this season to show that it is not so simple to just kampioenswaardig team to put down.

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