Famke Louise and friend Tim Snapking’ from each other

8056ef3635d0371ddf32f722878dd473 - Famke Louise and friend Tim Snapking' from each other

YouTuber Famke Louise (19) and her boyfriend Tim (20), known as Snapking, are from each other. Reports that the vlogster Sunday night on its own channel.

“The reason is that we had grown apart. I always did my thing and he always did his thing. And at any given moment, you are no longer in love with each other. And it became so bad that I no longer knew. Am I happy?” she says in her video.

Famke Louise continues despite the fact that her relationship of three years is over is positive and is comfortable in her own skin, she says in the vlog. “I do fun things and do things that I never did and should do.” She also explained that she’s started again with vloggen and that new music arrives.

Famke Louise, known from the numbers On Me, Monnie and Fan, was recently voted the best Dutch muziekartiest on Youtube.


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