Facebook profile Sophie Hilbrand hacked by 35-year-old man

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Sophie Hilbrand has been hacked by the 35-year-old Matthieu M. The man gained access to her Facebook and mail account.

According to Hilbrand she is not harassed by M., writes the AD. However, the man posed as the BNNVARA-host, and he gathered phone numbers of friends and acquaintances, which he then was going to call. According to the newspaper, there would be more celebrities to the victims of the hacker.

“He did I believe prevent I are alone in a hotel room was, or so”, says Hilbrand. “But I’m not blackmailed or threatened or something like that. Really serious was the in this respect, but very annoying. And I feel, of course, be responsible to all the people that he is troubled and from whom he contacts.”

The case is separate from that of the Almere, the VVD-politician Mitchell van der K., (naked)photo’s and video’s stable of under more vlogger Laura Ponticorvo. What exactly was the object of the hacks of M., is not yet clear.

M. state Wednesday for the court in Amsterdam. His lawyer Gerard Spong says that his client is “not much evil in had the sense”.


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