Elizabeth Hurley wears see-through caftan

99a2068b386c87282695a7352e355533 - Elizabeth Hurley wears see-through caftan

PICTURE That age is just a number, it shows Liz Hurley, with a picture of a red caftan from her strandcollectie. The actress is wearing no bra, allowing her breasts and still very tight constraints are easily seen. Liz placed the picture on her Instagram page and got many comments from her followers.

“Wow, MILF!!” says someone, where another follower writes: “You are a timeless beauty.” Liz places to be more sexy snaps of herself in a bikini on her social media, but got there last year, too, commented on when she announced that her 16-year-old son Damian regularly the photographer of these photos. They found it to be ” totally inappropriate to have your son here as directly to expose’.

When Damian in early april, 16 year, placed both mother and son have the same photo on their Instagram, which Liz is seen in a dress with a deep décolleté. Also this gave her a lot of haatreacties. As she left the birthday party to run themselves instead of her son, and found many followers. According to Liz, her sexy outfits ’just part of the job’. “I have my own bikini and strandlijn, so that is the reason that I do this kind of photos online. Nothing more and nothing less.”

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