Dutchman’s death after fall from apartment Bangkok

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Bangkok – A 21-year-old Dutch tourist died after a fall from a balcony in Bangkok.

According to the police was R. S. shortly before, in the apartment of a transsexual. The Dutchman is due to the unknown cause of the fifth floor of a building fallen down and landed on a parked standing car.

He was found with multiple head injuries and broken bones. The Bangkok Post writes that the man ’a romantic night’ has had with the 37-year-old Phimonphat Korattana.

The transsexual told the police that he R. a night earlier had met in a bar. According to him, is R. to the balcony of the thirty storey Residence Pinklao walked at the time that they are on the toilet sat.

According to Korattana was the Dutchman “drunk,” writes The Nation.

There would be no trace that the couple quarrel. The police are going to bewakingsbeelden view.

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