Doctor responds to Kanye’s idea album cover

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Jan Adams, the plastic surgeon who’s the mother of Kanye West for her death and operated, has a response given on Kanye’s idea to have a photo of Adams on the cover of his new album. When the American entertainmentsite The Blast him through a text message-you asked what he thought, replied Adams on ‘Kanyeaanse’ way: “It’s a MacGuffin…”

The term ’MacGuffin’, is an old filmterm, which is popular is made by the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. It explains so much as to ’describe something to which everyone is focused, but it is actually not much difference’. In other words, Kanye would use him as a symbol on the way to forgiveness. With this somewhat vague description left the doctor and went on to the question of whether he is the rapper possibly going to sue for defamation or libel because of the public use of his photo and name.

Wests mother Donda died in november 2007 at the age of 58 of complications from a plastic surgery procedure. A day after a liposuction, tummy tuck and breast reduction underwent, she died at home while under the care of her cousin fell. She would be in less than 24 hours time twenty painkillers have swallowed it and would end up in her own vomit are stitched.

The opening gave no definite answer about the cause of death, both choking as the pain medication wore likely to Donda’s death. Adams, who is a lot of criticism received because the operation was too risky, would have been due to the poor health of Donda, fell, according to the coroner, nothing to blame.

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