Dead fox on the trail appears to dead man

c110a4882eb2efe2b4c92f1876fa459b - Dead fox on the trail appears to dead man

London – The body of a man is run over by about 300 subway cars in London. A terrible mistake: the employees thought that the body of the dead man, a fox was.

A fox (photo for illustration).

The incident happened last december, but it is only now in the publicity come. According To Kent Online.

The day before the discovery of the rutted body, was a metro stop automatically, because there is an object on the track was. The chief engineer has written that he is a dead fox had seen on the trail. The remains of the 47-year-old man from Maidstone, were found on the railway between Holborn and Russell Square in London.

Per hour there are about 26 metros on the relevant piece of track.

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