Dave Roelvink is sex life changed since serious relationship

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Dave Roelvink says that his sex life otherwise has become, since he is a serious relationship.

“If you just are together, you have every day sex. That no longer happens,” said the 24-year-old Roelvink in conversation with singer Bella Hay in LINDA.girls.

Roelvink, that since about a year and a half has a relationship with Julia, says less need for daily sex. “I think that’s just as fine to a friend, that your time together on the couch can watch tv, candles, cup of tea there.”

“I do that sometimes rather than sewing. Through a relationship, you get things that you do not have, if you are single. I went with a one-night stand tv are watching.”


If Hay asks him if he is “the all want: a long relationship, hand-holding, are monogamous”, replies Roelvink: “you just hit a sensitive point. That know I not. I am now very mad at Julia, but of course I have fun and I love women. I notice that I am calmer, am. Then you understand that I have a wild time you’ve had.”

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