Daughter, Jackie Chan says, homeless by homophobic parents’

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The daughter of actor Jackie Chan, Etta Ng, claims to be homeless, and with her friend under a bridge to live. In a video tells the 19-year-old that her situation is due to her homophobic parents, and that she is afraid that she is separated from her Canadian friend Andi Autumn.

Jackie Chan has not yet responded to the cry for help of his daughter, reports Fox News.

“Hi, I’m Jackie Chans daughter and this is my girlfriend Andi,” says Etta. “We are already a month homeless by homophobic parents. We sleep under a bridge and that kind of stuff.” The loving couple says forced to be on the street to life. They dare not to knock on the door to government-related institutions for fear that they be dismantled.

“I have all my friends asking for help,” says Autumn in the video. “Everyone recommends us to a shelter, which they know we are from each other will be achieved.” Ng says not to understand. “Two people love each other and try to stay together. I don’t understand, I love her.”

With the video message, hope the two, which is currently at a friend of Autumn the night, to get help. The video is now over 70,000 views. Etta’s mother is a former Miss Asia, Elaine Ng Yi-Lei. They had in the late nineties a short affair with Jackie Chan.


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